LIVE! in Matrijaršija

by Amanita Dodola

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Recorded Live in Matrijaršija
January 9th 2016


released April 26, 2016

Recorded by Nikola Cakić and our friends at Matrijaršija
All songs written and performed by Amanita Dodola (Katie Woznicki)
Album art by Amanita Dodola



all rights reserved


Amanita Dodola Belgrade, Serbia

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Track Name: Train - LIVE! in Matrijaršija
Amanita Dodola - Train

There was a train that used to travel through these parts
We found a railroad stake, it was bigger than Jeremy's arm
Spent some time away but I'm back for that local charm
I'm hooked on pill popping, fascists and deer
You don't look like no rich kid, I'm surprised you're from here

In the day of the train this place was mostly farms
And a few estates, they were the ones with cars
Those were simple days when kids made dolls from yarn
And they worked, chocking back the tears
Living lives full of pain and fear

When you hear that whistle sigh, you're sick in your bed at night
'cuz you know there's no tracks for miles
Always had a softer side but babe, that doesn't make it right
to while away your powers, singing those sad songs in the shower

There was day I used to care about being smart
Always saving face, I had to play the part
Then I ran away and started making art
And who am I, why am I here?
What is life without pain and fear?


There was a train that used to travel through these parts
I found a railroad stake and I shoved it through Jeremy's heart
I had to be afraid, I had to work real hard
but I know now why I'm here
I am not my pain and fear
and you are not your pain and fear

Track Name: Dumbo - LIVE! in Matrijaršija
Amanita Dodola - Dumbo

I don't know it's dark, I've never seen light
I look ridiculous, lumpy and thick
I flutter by, graceful and tasteful
Slow and steady, low and petty
Some say I'm beautiful, a lady of the night
Some say I'm lone, a ghastly sight
Round with wrinkles, holes in my head
Wandering all night long, no need for a bed

I'd probably be lost if I knew there were places to go
But I don't know, I don't know.
I'd probably know I glow if I knew there were faces that glow
But I don't know, no I don't know.
Track Name: Dreams - LIVE! in Matrijaršija
Amanita Dodola - Dreams

Hair is there, Everywhere, Yes you care, Yes you stare,
So shave it clean, It's obscene, Make it gleam, Make it beam,
Hair's aware, You're in its snare, You don't dare to shave it bare,
So Wax it soft, Or use floss, Be the boss, Cut it off!

When dreams fail to come true,
I can do anything I want without you.
When dreams come true,
I'm in a mess with or without you

Palm trees stripped bare of their green leaves,
Unaware of their new sheen,
Sun high in the sky.
Ice cream, strawberries and gasoline,
Adversaries and prom queens,
Staying up all night.
Track Name: Žene - LIVE! in Matrijaršija
Amanita Dodola - Žene (English translation below)

Žene su lepe, Žene su male,
Žene su nežne, Žene se slave!
Žene su fine, Žene su mekše,
Žena zna više nego što kaže.
Ne znaju da voze, jedu čokolade,
Moja žena plače, od mene ima manje.
Žene vole decu i kuvaju hranu,
Čiste kupatila dok idemo po gradu.

Žene nose suknje, farbaju kosu,
Nemaju brade, imaju nade!

Žene su lepe, Žene su male,
Žene daju mleka, Žene se slave!


Amanita Dodola - Women

Women are pretty, Women are small,
Women are soft, Celebrate them all!
Women are refined, gentle and defined,
Women say less than they are inclined to,

They don't know how to drive, They love chocolate fondue,
My woman is crying, she's got less than I do!
Women love kids, they cook food for us,
They clean up the bathrooms while we're out having fun.

Women wear skirts, they dye their hair,
They don't have hairy faces, their hope is quite pervasive.

Women are pretty, women are small,
Women give us milk, celebrate them all!